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My passion for observing and sharing beautiful scenes and evocative moments brought me to photography. I’ve always loved nature, art, and traveling to fascinating places to experience diverse environments and cultures. I studied wildlife and worked as a marine biologist before starting my family. As a researcher, photographing large whales and chronicling their behavior enhanced my sense of timing in capturing active, powerful, beautiful creatures on camera. In recent years, raising my children, traveling with them, and being the recorder of our family’s journey has helped me realize how a visual image can allow all of our senses to revisit the most poignant moments of our lives. An image of a wooded mountain path shrouded in fog brings back the coolness that settled in during a long hike high above the Amalfi Coast, and the euphoria of sharing wine with my husband in a charming piazza afterwards. A photograph of two puffins resting on a cliff’s edge after a successful fishing expedition reminds me how the energy of thousands of nesting seabirds filled the skies around a tiny island off Scotland’s southeastern coast. I see a picture of rippled, wet sand, sprinkled with seashells, and I can almost hear the quietest enchanting, twinkling sound made by those shells rolling against each other in the gentle waves. I remember walking along that Irish beach, holding hands with my daughter and telling her that was the music of mermaids. A photo of my son as a sweet 6-month-old baby, pulling my hair with his chubby little fist to his gummy smile pulls hard at my heartstrings and melts me even now, years later.

I would love to work with you to help you choose evocative art for your space, design a project that would be meaningful to you, or capture moments that will bring you joy years from now.

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