Anne Gallagher

Anne Gallagher is an oil painter and watercolorist based in both downtown Chicago and a small town north of Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys painting the dramatic differences between her big city environment and rural lake community – with an emphasis on depicting the ephemeral nature of light.

After earning a bachelor’s of arts degree from Bucknell University, where she was a double major in Studio Art and English, Anne turned to writing for her career. She became accredited in public relations and served as a magazine editor, marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company, and freelance writer for numerous clients like Cleveland Clinic.

For years, she longed to return to painting, but life as a mother and writer was jam-packed. Then in 2012, a move from her longtime home in Northeast Ohio to Chicago gave her the ideal opportunity to rekindle her passion for fine art.

In Chicago, Anne became a member of the renowned Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, where she trained under master painters. Participation in numerous workshops and membership in the Plein Air Painters of Chicago further honed her skills as an artist. She is represented by a Chicago art gallery, exhibits regularly and has sold works to numerous collectors.

Whether focusing on urban or rural landscapes, Anne paints en plein air (outside in the open air) anywhere her travels take her. She also enjoys creating still life paintings in both her city and lakeside studios. Although her work has a distinctive style, Anne is always open to discovery and artistic growth by experimenting with different techniques and materials.