Christiane Bouret

Creativity  has always been a part of my everyday life.  In 2005 I downsized and needed to decide which artistic venue I would pursue.   Drawing, painting had always been a part of my life since childhood so it was not a hard decision.   I soon met landscape artist Nina Weiss and over the next five years took several workshops with her including a workshop in Italy.   However, portraiture is my passion.  I was introduced to local artist Linda Kollacks in 2010 and was immediately drawn by her use of color in her portraits, several annual workshops followed over the next 9 years that also included some from William Schneider, Carolyn Anderson, Rose Frantzen, etc...and numerous on line courses as well as DVDs from Dan Gerhardt.   Besides the above contemporary artists' work, I love Rembrandt , Sargent, Alexei Volegov, Durant, Daniel Greene, Richard Schmit, Alex Venezia,  David Kassan, Daniel Keys, Kathy Anderson and so many others..

Most of my paintings are done from photograph including all my commission work.  If I am lucky enough to have access to a live model, I will begin the painting live but finish with the photograph of the pose.