Corinne Murphy

Corinne Murphy

My career experience has always been in a field where I could use my artistic gifts. Following several years as a professional makeup artist for the major television studios in California as well as becoming an international training instructor for a well known cosmetics company, upon my return to Chicago ~ my birthplace ~ I made the decision that 'art' was my true passion and in order to realize my full potential, formal instruction was necessary.  

I enrolled in the International Academy of Design in Chicago where I studied both fashion and architectural design.  What followed were several years designing my own lines of clothing and jewelry as well as freelance interior design.  However my lifelong desire to become a 'painter' never left my heart.  I have loved drawing and painting since childhood and have dabbled at it through the years, but I decided that it was time to get serious.

I chose to begin my training at Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich, IL in order to receive instruction from award winning artists such as artist/owner of Mainstreet, Frankie Johnson, and multi-award winning artist, Susan Ploughe.  I have also taken many workshops with other major artists in an attempt to further my art education and expand my knowledge and talent base.

Following my dream of becoming a 'painter' has taken many years to realize, so now that it has become an amazing reality, I look forward to sharing my paintings with everyone/anyone who feels that 'special little tingle' when spotting a painting that touches their heart, or those who commission a painting they will treasure for years to come and hopefully pass along to the next generation.

I, too, am now an award winning artist and a proud member of Oil Painters of America, the Barrington Cultural Arts Center and the Artists Association of Elk Grove Village. Happily, my paintings now hang in homes across the United States. 

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