Julia Ziv

I find painting with watercolors on Japanese Yupo Paper even more fluid, unpredictable, and the colors mingle differently than on watercolor paper. Movement is conveyed with the fluid mixture of the paint pigment and water. It is different with each and every stroke. The spontaneity, immediacy and freshness of these strokes create an infinite number of possibilities to work with. Painting in layers on Yupo can produce a likeness to acrylic or even oil media in terms of its produced texture. I normally paint from my imagination and memory. Painting takes me to another place, where I am relaxed, focused and concentrating on only one thing, painting. I want to take the viewer to another place and time.

I have lived in Chicago for almost 25 years and came from NYC. After taking a break from Social Work & Early Childhood Special Education, I studied at the American Academy of Art. I also did The Great Books Program at the U of C. I have been painting under the brilliant and very skilled direction and guidance of Ingrid Albrecht for almost 20 years. Wednesday evenings, spent painting in this Studio and with fellow artists, is the highlight of my week. I have two teenage sons: Winslow, a sophomore in college in California and Gordon a freshman in high school here in the city. I live in Wrigleyville and truly love Chicago, a city like no other. The incredible, amazing and beautiful lake, seasons, people and varied cultural opportunities, make it unique.