Linda Vorderer

I paint, I draw and I teach. I am a certified K-12 art teacher with 15+ years experience in schools. The variety of styles in my art is influenced by the fact that I teach art to high schools and elementary students... adults as well. 

I have spearheaded several community art projects for the Village of Oak Lawn, serving as a Commissioner on the Arts and Events Commission. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the John H. Vanderpoel Gallery.

My work includes watercolor, oil, acrylic and a variety of drawing explorations. I offer portraits in graphite and watercolor. My background to the disciplines of drawing and water media comes from attending several strong art programs in the Chicago area. . The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the American Academy of Art, and the Palette and Chisel Academy being the most prominent. I am grateful to the many artists from centuries past for their influence and the internet that brings their images to me in abundance. I am a hungry researcher. 

While some of my recent work grows in abstraction, it is still based in nature, landscape, and figural forms. Recently, I take my tools outdoors painting en plein aire.

I present images to be read; they beg to be decoded. I hope my dear viewers enjoy the puzzle.