Lois Eakin

     Lois Eakin was born and grew up in the Chicago area. She obtained a sound foundational painting education while studying at Chicago's School of the Art Institute and the Palette and Chisel.
     Just as in the paintings of the Dutch Masters and 20th century realists, Lois stays true to painting the objects of everyday life, a vase, an onion, a bowl, a flower. Beautifully and carefully lit, scenes representing domestic reality are created.
     Lois uses the technique of chiaroscuro, as she leads the viewer's eye through her paintings by the use of light. She carefully sculpts her paintings by paying attention to color, value and edges. Working in this artistic style has a rich history and renewed appreciation among art collectors.
     Art critic Brian Sherwin commented on Lois's paintings, stating, "Viewers will note the strong use of light in Lois Eakin's paintings. Lois Eakin's dedication to painting, in addition to highly developed techniques, mesh together... resulting in paintings that offer a striking sense of energy."

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