Priscilla Huang

After 30 years in the business world, she found art, again. Art was her first love. She loves to draw and paint. But busy life of pursuing education and career, art has fallen on the wayside until she tried to find something new to learn. She “rediscovered” her childhood love.  Some years later, she decided she has to take her art seriously and take it up to another level. She has been painting consistently and her art was juried in several local and online exhibits and received special recognitions.

Artist Statement:

I have always been amazed by the colors – how just red, blue, yellow and white can result in endless possibilities in expressing physical things in the 3D world on a 2D surface  –  and even feeling  and mood in the emotional realm through the hands of an artist. My subjects are what I find beautiful in my everyday surroundings. I create my paintings the way I see and feel with honesty and genuineness.