The Landscapes by Richard Schmid
The Landscapes by Richard Schmid

The Landscapes by Richard Schmid

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This large format book of Richard Schmid’s sixty-five years as a landscape painter, with over 300 color images, has been color enhanced using the latest state of the art printing technology. Richard further enriched his landmark book with over 100 new captions and many new original drawings in the margins.

This is the visual tale of an artist and his life-long romance with the colors and light of our earth. With delightfully candid narrative and over 300 full color images, Richard reveals what it is like to go out and capture life as it is happening. The reader will discover how landscape painting is unlike any other form of art; and that artistic skill is only one of the many abilities demanded.

The book includes an autographed bookplate commemorating our Legacies exhibition, a show that will run through September 3, 2018 featuring Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, Scott Burdick, Rose Frantzen, Susan Lyon, Clayton J. Beck III & Romel de la Torre. The bookplate features a conte sketch by Richard Schmid entitled "DOOR COUNTY SKETCH" 1988, with Rose Frantzen, Scott Burdick and Nancy Guzik. The bookplate also includes a lovely quote from the master, himself about the Palette & Chisel.

  • Forward by Historian Richard Ormond - Grandnephew of John Singer Sargent
  • 280 pages and 300 color plates
  • Shipping and the Legacies bookplate are included in the price.